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Creative Web and UI designer from Calicut, Kerala

Hello, I am Thameem creative web & ui designer based in Calicut, Kerala, India.
Its my passion to build elegant websites which are both creative and user friendly

freelance web designer calicut, kerala
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Hi, I am thameem creative web and ui designer based in Calicut, Kerala, India with 5 plus years of working experience in web designing and web development. I design creative websites, web applications, user interfaces, responsive websites, mobile applications, branding and graphic designing.

Simply I love designing. Its not just my job but passion. My goal is to make the interfaces easily accessible to the users. I love to be minimal and I believe that what most people like these days.

I offer freelance web design and front-end development services for a wide range of clients, with a focus on content driven websites for online publishing. I have a passion for elegantly designed interfaces and collaborative work with other designers and developers.

Have a project in mind? If you would like to know more about me and my services please drop a line here to

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Hey, If you have a question or a comment or If you just want to say Hello, I would love to hear from you.

Mob : +91 9847932877

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Skype : thameem.calicut

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